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What Does Vigrx Plus Do

VigRX Plus is a clinically proven formula designed to improve the performance of your penis and positively benefit all aspects of your sex life.

  • HARDER, longer-lasting erections without delay
  • Erections that are physically BIGGER
  • STRONGER orgasms
  • A noticeable INCREASE in sexual desire
  • More CONTROL over erections
  • Better recovery times, more INTENSE orgasms
VigRx Plus contains only natural ingredients that have been subjected to numerous clinical trials by independent organisations

 How Does VigRX Plus Work

How does Vigrx Plus work

Each capsule has premium and clinically trialled ingredients that are known aphrodisiacs and work in a similar fashion to viagra and have been used for centuries by many different cultures across the world.

The physical process of achieving an erection is very simple in its mechanic of action. There are two chambers that run alongside the penis shaft, when we are aroused these fill with blood – it is the pressure of the blood flow that determines the quality, size and duration of the erection.

The diagram opposite shows the spongy erectile tissue that acts in a similar way to a balloon being filled air.

The penis is just like any other muscle in the human body – it is dependent on a good blood flow to perform at the optimum.

How Long Does VigRx Plus Take To Work

Most customers can experience the effects almost immediately (a day or two after the ingredients are ingested) – the quality of your erection should start to show the sign of improvement. If you lacked sexual desire you should start to feel the aphrodisiac effect.

After 2 to 4 weeks you should start to feel as your girth and length is being increased – an increased blood flow will improve the size of your erection both in length and girth

After the 2 month stage you should be able to consistently experience a hard erection and enjoy stability and a much improved ejaculation control.

VigRX Plus Clinical Proof and Doctor Endorsements

VigRX Plus is a clinically proven product with over 10 years of collaboration from the medical community. It can compete directly with the prescription only male virility products such as Viagra. VigRx Plus has been championed, endorsed and recommended by many doctors and professionals in the field of male health

Steven Lamm, MD is has gone on record as recommending VigRX Plus over and above any other pill, tablet or supplement that directly treats sexual improvement or erectile dysfunction.

VigRx Plus guarantee Where To Buy VigRX Plus Australia

Available only to buy from the official website and ships to all countries. Available to anyone over the age of 18 and available to buy with prescription.

Products of this nature could be perceived to have an embarrassment factor attached to them so all orders are processes in the strictest of confidence.

You can pay by credit card, fax or phone – remember all orders have a 60 day money back promise.

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